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Education (Art and Design), B.Ed

About the Programme

Art and Design Subject (Applied Arts/Art and Crafts/Creative Arts and Design. etc.) is any activity or product made by humans in a visual form for communicative purposes, expressing ideas and emotions. Fine Art is art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty, distinguishing it from Applied Art that also has to serve some practical function, such as most metalwork, hand crafts and the like. In research Arts and Design communities have begun to place greater emphasis on the need to professionalize, systematize and better articulate its distinctive research activities, capabilities, typologies and processes across a very wide range of disciplines in sciences and arts. 

Bachelor of Art and Design with Education

This is a three year program and is offered in conjunction with the faculty of Education. The first year is a foundation program for all degree students and all courses are compulsory. In the second year the student chooses three electives as follows: with at least one from  Group I and Group II Electives. They continue with the selected courses in the second semester. Painting is compulsory in year one and two. (For education units see faculty of Education)

Bachelor of Art and Design

Art and Design is offered as a Double-Teaching Subject. Students must not register for another teaching subject in another faculty or School. Art and Design double main has the following specialization  options:   

(a) Visual Communications Design
(b)   Fashion Design
(c)   Interior Design
(d)  Product Design

Students choose one option of specialization with a pre-selected set of electives. The core courses are common to all. The specializations above are options students have to chose from and follow that from year one up to year three(final year). In the second year industrial training is done and in third year a student carries out a major work and exhibits his or her final works.