Academic Programmes

Public Administration, PGD

Mission and Vision

Our Mission
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is dedicated to cultivating a teaching and research environment which reflects the highest standards of our disciplines, and to providing the insights, creativity, and enrichment of the humanities and the social sciences within the land-grant mission of Kampala International University.

Our Vision
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences embraces the teaching, research, creative activities and service objectives of KIU's land grant mission, and the needs of a diverse constituency.
The College is committed to:

  • Providing its students the highest quality of preparation in an atmosphere that promotes intellectual vigor, critical inquiry, citizenship, and creative decision-making requisite for personal growth and professional success
  • Encouraging in its faculty exemplary scholarship of teaching, research, and service, leading to significant publications and performances
  • In its vision to realize human potential and achievements, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is guided by the qualities of creativity, ethical integrity, and mutual respect.
  • eeking excellence in research, innovation in teaching, and creativity in all academic fields in the College.
  • Instilling in our students the importance of responsible and sensitive global citizenship, through cultural self-reflection, ethical reasoning and historical understanding.