Directorate of Human Resource

The Human Resources Directorate at Kampala International University initiates, develops and implements Human Resource systems and processes in line with the Human Resources policy and consistent with the University Strategic plan. 

The Directorate of Human Resources consists of a collaborative team of professionals dedicated and committed to providing prompt, courteous, and high quality HR services that add value to our faculty, staff, and students hence developing and sustaining its diverse community of talents. In order to reach this goal, we continually look out for new and innovative ways to improve our processes and service delivery. We believe that “to whom much is given, much is required;” and we accept the challenge.


The objectives of the Human Resources Directorate are:

  1. To provide general guideline to Human Resource policies, procedures and practice in line with laws of the land.
  2. To ensure uniform and fair application of Human Resource policies, procedures and practices for consistency of management decisions.
  3. To create an awareness and communicate to management and staff of KIU the objectives and general framework within which they are required to operate.
  4. To foster a cohesive relationship between staff and to enable them work more efficiency and effectively towards the attainment of KIU goals and objectives.
  5. To enhance employee’s self-esteem and commitment to KIU


Recruitment of competent staff, train them to improve performance, retain and motivate them with rewards.


To supports the University mission, vision and goals by building and fostering high-end professional working environment with the highest level of Human Resource services and employee satisfaction.


To be recognized as a preferred employer, provider of innovative, result oriented human resource services, policies and systems.

Core Values

  1. Excellence: through teaching individually and corporately to continuously raise standards for excellence and deliver services beyond expectations.
  2. Team work: Foster and nurture the value of team work and sense of belonging.
  3. Integrity: Embrace integrity and nurture the culture of professionalism, honesty and fairness both in the official and private arena.
  4. Principles of equal opportunity employment: we are an equal opportunity employer. Equity and transparency shall be the principles to guide the relationship between the University and staff.
  5. Strategically Focused: We advance Kampala International University’s mission by thinking and acting in the best interests of the University and the workforce; in particular, when developing policies and programs and delivering services.
  6. Innovative: We are dedicated to quality, excellence and continuous improvement. We work to ensure that the University remains competitive in its human resources management policies and practices by actively seeking and developing best practices, methods and approaches.
  7. Professional: We adhere to high professional standards of quality, competency and conduct. We act with honesty and integrity. We anticipate and are proactive, collegial and collaborative in our work. We remain current in professional practice; we are fair and equitable.
  8. Respectful: We are considerate, thoughtful and engaged in manner and approach. We exercise the considered judgment of a trusted advisor.
  9. Accountable: We are accessible and answer to stakeholders for results in accordance with policies, standards, commitments and principles. We document, measure and report performance and evaluate program effectiveness.
  10. Enabling: We enhance the ability of stakeholders to function independently by developing policies, programs, processes, tools and technologies with sustainability and self-service in mind.
  11. Transparent: We balance requests to share information clearly and openly while respecting the security of confidential and personal information entrusted to the Directorate.

Staff Members


Aisha Najjuma

Human Resource Officer [email protected]
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Aisha Lubega

Aisha Lubega Namatovu

Ag. Director, Human Resource [email protected]
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Kellen Ainomugisha

Assistant Human Resource Officer [email protected]
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Macrine Namiganda

Administrative Assistant [email protected]
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Martin Tukei

Assistant Lecturer [email protected]
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