Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Extensions

The Kampala International University Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Extension (KIU, D-RICE) was established in August 2019 to take overall responsibility for developing and administering policies associated with Research, Innovation and International Collaborations at KIU. The Directorate is proud to support Research in Uganda, but also embraces an open-door policy that welcomes researchers and research interests for Africa and the rest of the world embracing a wide spectrum of disciplines in science and the humanities. The D-RICE has an established bottom-up organizational structure that addresses research concerns from the smallest academic unit up to the directorate level. 


To promote and facilitate leading-edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research, in order to meet the goals of KIU through growing a community of innovative thinkers and researchers who are desirous of solving problems both on a global scale and within the immediate environment.

Mission and Vision

To make Kampala International University the Hub of Research, Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Uganda, East Africa and the whole of Africa through bridging the gaps between Research and Practices in the areas of Medicine and Allied Health, Nursing, Engineering and Applied Science, Mathematics, Computing, Law, Education, Humanities, Economics, and Biomedical Science.


The Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Extension (D-RICE) had set the following objectives to allow it achieve her mission and vision:

  1. Develop a Research Agenda for Kampala International University and Globalise it.
  2. Forster the conduct of high-level and cutting-edge research in the fields of Medicine and Allied Health, Nursing, Engineering and Applied Science, Mathematics, Computing, Law, Education, Humanities, Economics, and Biomedical Science.
  3. Lead Kampala International University academic and research communities to conduct researches that contribute to the development of human resources in Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the World following the items on the Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Play a leading and core role in Uganda and Africa by being a pipeline for researchers who can conduct cutting-edge researches.

Our Core Defining Commitments

The Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Extension is committed to the KIU’s dream of raising the next generation of problem solvers for the East African region and indeed the whole of Africa, and therefore is committed to the following:

  1. Raising research levels to global standards and advancing researches along contemporary issues in our society in order to contribute to the regional and global development plans.
  2. Ensuring that appropriate levels of training are provided to academic staff and research students
  3. Promoting a wide range of researches, from basic researches to cutting-edge researches and support the return of research results from the campus to the society.
  4. Bridging the gap between research and practice and promoting industry-academic-government research initiatives that create regional and global partnerships.
  5. Taking research results “off the shelf” by promoting commercialization of research outputs through an entrepreneurship and Innovations pipeline
  6. Fostering collaborations with local, regional and international organizations and institutions.
  7. Organizing and funding International Conferences, establishing a publication program and collaborating with reputable publishing houses and academic indexing services for publication of staff research outputs.



Staff Members


Allen Mukandayisenga

Communications officer [email protected]
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Enerst Edozie

Information Officer [email protected]
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Michael Okon

Research Assistant [email protected]
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Nasasira Jossy

Assistant Lecturer [email protected]
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Samson Jarso

Director Entrepreneurship and Innovations [email protected]
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Sisco Chekwemoi

Information Officer [email protected]
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Susan Aloyo

Research & Innovation Officer [email protected]
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Ugwu Paul-chima

Head, Publications [email protected]
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Yuma Erick

Data Steward Officer [email protected]
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