Directorate of Students Affairs

The Directorate of Students’ Affairs serves as a liaison between students, schools/ colleges and administration to fulfill the mission of the university. The primary function of the Students’ Affairs Directorate is to be of assistance to students in any way possible through leading, directing and administering overall functions of student counseling, student associations and discipline. The directorate also enhances the quality of student life both in and outside of the classroom. 

The Student Affairs directorate functions as a friend and guide of a student; it administers his/her needs from the time he steps into KIU for admission, to the time he/she graduates from the university. It provides forums for cultivation of literary and artistic potentialities and furnishes them healthy outlets in sports and games, which make their stay on campus, a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth.

The Student Affairs Directorate provides proactive support and capacity building services to promote co- curricular activities in the Institute which enriches our graduates at every stage of their life as well as build strong relationships with their peers, academic lecturers, administration and other stakeholders.


The objective of the directorate of students affairs are:

  1. Enhancing quality of students life
  2. Creating student centered policies and programs
  3. Handling disciplinary cases 
  4. Issuing students recommendations
  5. Encouraging the development of a student culture
  6. Handling student issues i.e. Conflict management
  7. Leading the University to anticipate students’ needs 

Philosophy and Strategy

The Directorate of Student Affairs encourages the student of KIU to develop a philosophical outlook to life that is built on the following principles:

  1. The Quality of your output depends on the quality of your input
  2. Have confidence in yourself, and  certainty in your own moral righteousness
  3. Never stop expanding your knowledge
  4. Be useful, execute valuable ideas, and create things that uplift the souls of others or are practical in day to day living.


The vision of the directorate of student affairs is provide a comprehensive and integrated student centered campus experience based on an inclusive learning community which guarantees respect, responsibility and acceptance for all cultures and background as well as moulding KIU students into socially responsible global citizens with an enduring identity and connection to the university.


The mission of the Directorate of Student’s Affairs is to enhance the quality of academic and social life of KIU students; and enhance collaborative relationship of students with colleges, schools, staff and the surrounding communities.

Core Values

  1. Ethics and Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Accountability
  4. Reliability
  5. Commitment to clients 

Staff Members


Agnes Najjuma

Dean, Student Affairs [email protected]
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John Ekaal

Coach Net And Hand Ball [email protected]
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Joshua Mucunguzi

Assistant Sports Tutor [email protected]
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Manisuru Geriga

Assistant Designer And Graphic [email protected]
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Schola Busingye

Dean of students Affairs [email protected]
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Viola Nayiga

Graphic Designer [email protected]
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