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“I Will Uphold my Fundamental Virtues,” – KIU Western Campus Guild Speaker Kalanda


KIU, Western Campus – Recently elected Speaker for the KIU Western Campus Guild Union John Kennedy Kalanda has promised to uphold his “fundamental virtues” for the remainder of his term in office.

Kalanda was elected speaker by the Guild Members of Parliament to replace Brian Rwotomiyo, who had vacated the position to fill the gap of Guild President which fell vacant after the death of the former president Douglas Matovu.

“This vote of confidence (to be elected speaker) motivates me to uphold my fundamental virtues of honesty, justice, integrity, discipline, respect, creativity, problem solving, compassion and self-control,” Kalanda says.

“These virtues have always given me an insight, foresight and knowledge to act well and wisely,” the third-year Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health student adds.

He also promises to act as a bridge between the Guild leadership and student fraternity on one hand and the administration on the other, vowing to advocate for a symbiotic relationship that can help address the concerns and interests of the students and the institution through productive discussion.

Kalanda also notes the importance of creating opportunities and connections through getting in touch with embassies, organizations and different university guild bodies especially outside Uganda.

He reiterates the need for unity through seeking guidance and advice from the different resourceful university offices on how to handle any intricate matters brought before his office.

“I will start by uniting the August House. I irrefutably believe that with that, we shall be able to have one voice in advocating for the different interests and the betterment of anyone who shall need our voice.”

Kalanda implores the university administration to continue with the cooperation and flow of information with the guild government as well as continuing guiding, advising and financially supporting them where there is need.

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