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  • “Motivate Students when teaching and let them own the learning process,” New KIU Staff Advised

“Motivate Students when teaching and let them own the learning process,” New KIU Staff Advised


Today Friday, March 5, 2021, marks the end of the two-day orientation for our new staff who have been enlightened on the effective strategy of teaching principles, basic skills for successful teaching and blended learning.


The orientation which started on 4th March 2021 was facilitated by the Principal of the College of Education Open and Distance Learning (CEODL) Dr, Susan Akinkurolere and the Deputy Principal CEODL Dr Asiimwe specioza Mugunda, the head of the department college of education, open and distance learning at KIU Dr Gwokyalya Edith Baagala among others.


While speaking to the new staff orientation, Dr Asiimwe advised new lecturers to use the classroom as a factory or an industry by using philosophical approaches to teaching like perennialism, essentialism and progressivism, among others.


“Motivate learners when teaching and let the learners own the learning process,” Dr Susan urged new staff.


Daniel Moyiti one of the new staff who attended today’s orientation applauded the University management for organizing such events that introduce new staff to the university culture and communicate important university policies.


“It’s a privilege to be part of the training because it means that am a new foot soldier in impacting and transforming lives,” Moyiti said


He adds that mentoring teaching staff is like equipping a legion of battle angels and a full battalion of soldiers to fight illiteracy, ignorance and half understanding which has over centuries killed our nation.


It is KIU’s norm that every recruit whether staff or student is inducted before they are able to progress with life in the university. The orientation process introduces new members of the KIU family to the university system and culture of exploring heights.