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End of Era: The Cohort that Ruled KIU for the Last Four Years


By Isaac Akugizibwe

Throughout history, remarkable individuals have risen from challenging situations to leave a lasting impact on their communities. Amidst the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, KIU experienced its own set of difficulties, yet it also witnessed the emergence of what could be considered its most exceptional class.

The law cohort of 2020-2024 stands out as a testament to resilience and achievement, becoming the first group across all KIU campuses to consecutively produce two guild presidents.

Godfrey Agaba, the former Guild President, and his predecessor, Moses Ebye, are classmates who both enrolled at KIU in 2020, the year the COVID-19 pandemic emerged.

Before becoming Guild President in 2022, Moses Ebye first served as the Chief Fresher for the year 2021/2022 while his successor Godfrey Agaba served as MP in the 2022/2023 Guild Government before taking the helm in 2023/2024.

This cohort's coordinator is Sharif Ntume who himself served as the Minister for Constitutional Affairs in both 2022/2023 and the 2023/2024 Guild Governments.

"Our class has been such a great class here on Campus. It is on record that we have headed the institution for two years for the 18th and 19th Guild Union Governments came from our class. That is Ebye Moses and Godfrey Agaba's regimes. That can't be taken for granted," boasts, Sharif Ntume who also led the Forum For Ideas as Principal Coordinator.

Besides producing two Guild Presidents, the cohort produced several other leaders who have drastically influenced students' politics at KIU. Enock Ssembalirwa who served as Speaker of the Guild in the 2023/2024 Guild regime will forever act as a mouthpiece of this amazing group.

Like Ssembalirwa, Livingstone Muhumuza the past speaker of the KIU Law Society (2022/2023) is another member of this class whose political activism and service above self-made him one of the most popular students at the School of Law and the University at large in the last three years.

The other prominent members of this class include - Shallon Poldo Shabohurira (MP representing Girls Hostel and Deputy Speaker for the 2022/2023 Guild Government, Marvin Tamera Akankwasa (2022/2023 Guild MP), Ken Mugaiga (Minister for Trade in the Guild Government,2023/2024) Daphine Arinda (Clerk to Guild Parliament, 2023/2024), David Musasizi, (Deputy Clerk, 2023/2024) and Benard Katanzi who led the KIU NRM Chapter in 2022/2023.

"In this four-year journey, we have gotten the opportunity to choose our family, friends for life, and for some soul mates but above all we have become colleagues for life," notes Ntume's deputy, Mitchell Kiberu.

There are so many factors that made this class very unique but it is unity, free will, humility and dedication to success as a team that makes it stand out. It is upon this that both Agaba and Ebye found it easy to assume Power as Guild Presidents.

"We have been having a culture of even standing up with our comrades who could be financially constrained with tuition, we could collect for them something to add up for them," Ntume explains.

"The essence has been that we did not want to leave anyone behind. Whenever one loses a loved one, we come up as a family and offer support. The treatment is the same even in happiness like during birthday celebrations," he adds.

It is quite difficult to find a group of 100 or more people who can remain united for over three years but this class of 120 is writing a fascinating piece of history at Uganda's Leading Private University.

"My teaching experience at the School of Law, Kampala International University has been extremely gratifying. But it is even more beautiful, emotional and fulfilling when I think of the time I spent with my students of Business Associations from the August 2020 intake," says Dr. Valentine Mbeli, the Head of the Department of Commercial Law at KIU. He is also a former Dean School of Law.

"This was an exceptional class in terms of discipline, commitment and respect. These wonderful ladies and gentlemen of the aspiring Bar under the able leadership of Ntume Sharif, were for me, a great source of inspiration," he adds.

Dr.Mbeli prophesied that the class will be, “an exemplary representation of what the next generation of lawyers in Uganda, East Africa and beyond must embody; hard work, dedication, resilience and above all, adherence to ethical values."

For better documentation of all their beautiful and heartwarming experiences in the last four years, the group took a group photo that comprised almost everyone as well as their lecturers on the final day of lectures.

 "I have never been emotionally aroused like I was in a heart-melting vote of thanks speech delivered by Ms. Sharon... on the last day of classes for the Semester with this great class," recounts Dr. Valentine Mbeli.

In his farewell remarks, he told the candidates, “as you cross the Rubicon in your academic studies, I pray you maintain the positive mindset cultivated at the School of Law, KIU. I have no doubt that you will keep the KIU flag afloat. I encourage you to be good citizens in your respective spheres and to strongly consider coming back to KIU for your Master's degree."

Ntume has pledged to keep this class united even when the end of their first university degree could see them scattered across the globe.

"As a class coordinator, and with the leadership skills I have obtained from different leadership positions, I have to do whatever it takes to keep the whole class united," he declares.

"The first thing will be to maintain our class WhatsApp platform active. We shall always make sure that we stand in with colleagues in both happiness and sorrow. It is a fact that the friends we have made from campus are our working associates, " he adds.

The Class is so grateful to the entire administration of Kampala International University for turning them into visionary citizens.

"Some of us came when we were almost kids. We have grown up from here”, says former Guild President Moses Ebye.

"The good learning environment and the commitment of lecturers has equally helped us to appreciate the concepts well. We are confident that we shall also succeed at the Law Development Center because we have been well equipped with everything," he adds.

"We have not only gained academic knowledge but also other soft skills. KIU has a center of Excellence and different workshops have been organized for which we are grateful,” says Livingstone Muhumuza the former speaker of the KIU Law Society.

As the final curtain descends on this class, marking the end of their four-year journey at KIU, one thing remains indelible: the cherished memories of their remarkable achievements and experiences