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KIU 28th Graduation Ceremony: Dedication and Discipline Lead Musa Tumukorere to Graduate Top of His Class with a CGPA of 4.61


By Lynette Masudio

With a CGPA of 4.61, Musa Tumukorere will end his undergraduate studies in Social Work and Social administration on top of his class. He is set to graduate during KIU's 28th graduation ceremony on 25th November 2023.

Tumukorere is extremely overjoyed by the fact that he will be one of the first class graduands, something he has always craved.

"Am the happiest to be among the first class graduands, because I have really struggled for it," Tumukorere discloses.

"It sounds so great to excel with a first class because few people get to this milestone. I thank the almighty God for such an achievement," he adds.

Getting to this milestone required him to strike a balance between academics, work and co-curricular activities.

"I was studying while working and I made sure each gets its ample time

He hopes to remain an inspiration to the rest of the students and the young generation, especially in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration.

Tumukorere has nothing to regret about the choice of joining Uganda's leading private University whose conducive learning environment has seen him excel.

"My time at KIU has been so good, I've enjoyed the conducive environment and atmosphere, especially in the best library in East Africa, the IBML which was my home away from home. Here I did thorough research and indeed, the results can now speak for themselves," he says.

Besides spending time reading books, attending lectures and a few co-curricular activities, Tumukorere spared some time to mentor some of his juniors.

"I also spared some time to guide students in lower semesters about the course, something that made me a consultant of sorts. Because of my craft, people still look for me even after completion of my degree.

He's embarking on using the knowledge he's attained to transform humanity and is also looking at advancing in academia such that he can explore more knowledge.

"I will go for a master's and Ph.D. if God wishes because our society needs more of the elite class. I want to use my first-class knowledge and skills to create social change in our society," he notes.

Tumukorere's Message to Continuing Students:

"Someone below needs to first have discipline and good character; He or she should be determined and focused on what brought them to university because I believe everyone has a different story but it all begins with knowing where you come from and then focus."

Attending lectures fully and doing course works, final semester papers, discussions, reading hard daily, consultation from lecturers and fellow students are so important.

Once you follow my advice, am sure you will get a first class.   

Congratulations Tumukorere.