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KIU 28th Graduation Ceremony: Sharon Achan’s Journey of Gratitude

By Isaac Akugizibwe

After being delayed by the unpopular COVID-19, Sharon Achan will finally graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management during the 28th graduation ceremony on Saturday, November 25, 2023. She is grateful to KIU for the valuable opportunity provided to her.

"If I hadn't seized the opportunity to join KIU, I wouldn't have had the privilege of being part of the KIU basketball team, the Rangers," Sharon Achan.

Achan is one of the many talented individuals who have benefited from KIU's sports scholarship and it is her exceptional netball skills that landed her a deal to the Caribbean.

"My netball journey has really been a good one at KIU and I thank God for that. And it feels so great to see myself here, achieving this milestone in studies because it wasn't as easy as it seemed to be."

In 2020, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Achan seized an opportunity to join the Tego netball club in Jamaica. However, she temporarily pressed pause on her involvement and returned to Uganda to complete her studies.

During her time at KIU, she was also granted the chance to oversee the management of both the KIU Ranger and KIU Titans basketball teams.

She attributes her involvement in sports, including managing the KIU Rangers basketball team, receiving a scholarship, and participating in the KIU netball team, to the guidance and support provided by Mr. Serunjogi Nasser, the club president of KIU basketball teams.

"My academic journey wasn't that smooth in a way that COVID-19 came in and messed everything putting us on a time-out which seriously affected us," Achan says.

"Am grateful that I've managed to come this close to capturing my academic dream though studies never end,"

"After studies, we all look forward to getting a job which is everyone's dream of course and am also looking forward to moving back to Jamaica depending on what God prevails first to me," Achan says.