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Dr. Mutegeki Becomes Patron for KIU Tooro Students Association


By Isaac Akugizibwe 

KIU, Main Campus-Dr. Bright Mutegeki Lecturer at the Department of Development, Conflict and Peace Studies in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences was on Saturday, May 19th 2024, sworn in as the new Patron of the KIU Tooro Students Association (KIUTISA).

Tooro Students Association unites all students from Tooro Sub-region. During a ceremony that took place at Fig Tree restaurant in Kansanga, Dr.Mutegeki received the Mantle to lead this association from Nicolas Mugume, an Almunus of KIU.

He said he was "profoundly honoured to take on the role," and that he would work towards helping the students realize their vision through appreciating the positive side of life.

" There are so many wrong things in this world but I want you to concentrate on the positive side of things. Let's embrace positivity in everything and as young people, we will find the world a good place," he said.

" I have been to several countries, including the so called developed countries and I've met people who tell me about what they go through, some worse than what happens here. Most of us see the best picture in movies but the actual reality is the same everywhere," he added.

He emphasized the importance of loving one's culture, highlighting that he too is a great cadre for Tooro Kingdom.

"I love my culture because it is what defines me, nothing defines us better than our cultures. It is because of that that I accepted to become your Patron, " he noted.

The ceremony was also attended by Honourable Alex Ruhunda, the Member of Parliament for Fort Portal City. 

In his submission, Ruhunda encouraged students to work hard and always aim for the best. He said this will enable them to succeed in life.

"Let's aim for the best ladies and gentlemen. Learn to hate bad life, archaic things. I hate those things myself, I hate poverty, I hate bad life, that's why I work hard," he explained.

My slogan, 'Nikosobokameaning it is possible did not come from nothing, it came from the fact that I began to strive for the best as a young man," he added.

The KIU Tooro Students Association also used the moment to celebrate their third-place achievement in the 2024 KIU Cultural Gala.

It was the first time in the University's history that KIUTSA achieved a position above 7th place in the annual Cultural Gala.

Both Doctor Mutegeki and Honourable Ruhunda promised to help the Association reach greater heights.