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KIU Hosts Four-Day Art Exhibition for Over 100 High Schools


KIU, Main Campus- Over 100 schools across the country participated in the four-day practical art workshop held at the 6th floor of the Idd Basajjabalaba Memorial Library from Monday, June 10th to Thursday, June 13th 2024.

The exhibition, themed "The Magic Studio," was organized by Mr. Kibazo Hashib of the "Art Secret Revealed" team.

The annual national art exhibition and workshop aims to foster a self-employment mindset among students and to enhance students' skills in weaving, jewelry making, painting, fabric decoration, pottery, and more.

"Students had hands-on practical sessions with demonstrations from the various team members," Kibazo said.

"This workshop also emphasized the need to have students participate in the conservation of the environment by recycling waste into beautiful artwork," he added.

Lutaaya Mustafah, one of the lead facilitators, highlighted the numerous opportunities in the art field, including architecture, graphic design, and animation. He stressed the importance of equipping students with skills to create a range of career options.

"There is a need to skill students as a way of creating young entrepreneurs," added Sendiwala Shaban, the Country Coordinator of the Art Secret Revealed team.

Students who attended this year's workshop have left with very beautiful memories, some from the fascination of Uganda's leading private University.

"I am very impressed with what I have seen at KIU," said Jerome Bazanguyira, a student from St. Joseph's School.

"The campus itself is beautiful, with green spaces and modern facilities that create a great atmosphere for learning," remarked Nabukenya Zahara from Kakungulu Memorial Senior School.

Namugenyi Mariam, also from Kakungulu Memorial, shared, "I loved the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of the campus. It feels lively and inspiring."

"I have fallen in love with KIU's building setup and the gigantic library," added Sonia Comfort from St. Peter's Bombo Kalule. "After Form Six, I will come here for Architecture."

Like Sonia, many students left the university physically but not spiritually, vowing to return to pursue various courses after completing Form Six.

The schools that attended include, among others, Kakungulu Memorial, Buddo SS, Kitante Hill, Mount St. Mary's Namagunga, Kawempe Muslim, St. Mark Namagoma, Kinaawa High, Bethany High School Naalya, and Standard High-Zana.