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KIU Hosts Workshop to Enhance Research Writing and Publishing Skills


As part of the initiative to advance research at KIU, the office of the Associate Dean of Research, School of Law, along with the Directorate of Research, Innovation, Consultancy, and Extension (D-RICE), organized a workshop on “Advanced Research Writing Skills, Sourcing, and Publishing in High Impact Journals” for staff on May 16th, 2024.

The workshop featured Dr. Esther Ugo Alum, Head of the Publication Department at KIU Main Campus, and Dr. Benjamin Okorie Ajah, a lawyer and research fellow, as facilitators.

Dr. Esther delivered a presentation on “Sourcing and Publishing in High-Impact Journals, highlighting the significance of research and publication.

"Publication fosters collaboration and networking among researchers, allowing for new idea exchange, funding opportunities, career progression, and networking," Dr. Esther said.

She outlined strategies KIU is adopting to enhance its research and publication efforts, such as encouraging research publication and visibility, fostering collaboration, mentoring younger colleagues, motivating students to publish, providing high-quality supervision, and producing review articles and brief communications.

In his presentation on “Advanced Research Writing Skills,” Dr. Benjamin Okorie Ajah dissected the various components of a research article. He advised attendees to ensure that their paper fit within the scope of the journal they are targeting.

"It is important to assess the credentials of the journal or publisher by browsing the content they publish for quality and relevance to your field, and by checking the quality of their website," Dr.Benjamin said.

Dr. Ajah also discussed examples of primary sources, which include interviews, focus group discussions, personal narratives, and speeches.