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KIU Law Clinic Partners with PILAC for Successful Legal Outreach

Dr Olugbenga Oke-Samuel, the brains behind the KIU Law Clinic and current Head, expressed gratitude on behalf of the KIU Law Clinic for a successful partnership with the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC) of Makerere University during the KIU Law Week that run from 10th to 14th February 2020 at Kampala International University in Kansanga.

The legal outreach to Kansanga neighbouring the neighbouring communities was done to provide legal support to the people, solve their problems, and also create awareness.

Dr. Olugbenga says working with PILAC was a great opportunity for the students of KIU because PILAC is quite exposed, handles public interests, and has funding from donor groups.

"KIU Law Clinic was honoured  to have legal advisors from PILAC and funding for other activities," he said.

In addition, the KIU Law Clinic provided legal advice to the people who turned up for legal help, and took up some cases to help them on their behalf. More so, the legal outreach created awareness of the existing KIU Law Clinic and what services it can provide including legal assistance, legal education, and enlightenment.

The Clinic continues to express gratitude and appreciation to the partners that contributed towards the successful KIU Law Week, especially for the legal outreach that ultimately inspired them to want to extend such services soon to refugee camps, sensitizing them of their rights and offering legal services come next month.