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KIU Receives Delegates From 10 Chinese Vocational and Technical Institutions


On Thursday, June 6th 2024, Kampala International University received delegates from 11 universities, and vocational and technical institutions from the People's Republic of China.

The visitors were received by the Management of KIU led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Muhammed Ngoma, the DVC RICE Prof. Andrew Kitua, the DVC Academic Affairs, Dr. Tom Mulegi, the ADVC RICE, Dr. Mundu Mustafa, the University Secretary Ms. Asiati Mbabazi, the Campus Administrator, Ms. Christine Aiyeboona, and other members of the University Management.

The purpose of the visit was to explore and seek areas of collaboration concerning designing modern curricula, training instructors, and improving infrastructure. Through exchange programs, knowledge transfer, and industry partnerships, the initiative seeks to provide students with modern equipment, entrepreneurial skills, and job opportunities. Joint research initiatives will tackle local challenges and strengthen bilateral relations.

This collective effort is aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of vocational education across the country, promoting skill development, and broadening opportunities for students.

The Chinese Colleges represented include: 

  1. Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technology
  2. Hunan Mechanical & Electrical Polytechnic
  3. Shandong Vocational and Technical University of International Studies
  4. Leshan Vocational and Technical College
  5. Suzhou Institute of Construction & Communications
  6. Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  7. Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering
  8. Jining Polytechnic
  9. Weifang Engineering Vocational College
  10. Shenzhen Polytechnic University