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KIU Welcomes April Intake Students with Inspiring Orientation Ceremony


KIU, MAIN CAMPUS- On Tuesday 7th, May 2024, April intake students were officially introduced to life at Uganda's leading private University as part of the orientation ceremony held in the University's Main Hall.

KIU Main Hall buzzed with excitement as it was the first time the new students were assembling. It was also the first time for many of them to enter the spacious Main Hall.

At the ceremony, under the guidance of University of the KIU legal officer Rashid Kazibwe, the students pledged their allegiance.

The orientation ceremony was attended by several top University administrators led by Dr. Tom Mulegi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics, Dr. Vidya Sankarapandia, Director of Academic Affairs, Ms. Asiat Mbabazi, University Secretary, Christine Ainebyona, Campus Administrator, Ms. Shakiro iluku Joyce, Dean of Student Affairs, and several others.

Dr. Tom Mulegi asked the students to embrace respect for one another and also commended them for making the right choice.

"Thank you for choosing KIU, you made the right choice. It is the leading private University in Uganda and number three overall in East Africa," he remarked.

"Without you, we wouldn't have been here speaking. As we embark on this journey, let us respect each other regardless of the religion, tribe or country, let's live as brothers and sisters," he added.

In her address, Christine Ainebyona, the Campus Administrator, emphasized the importance of prioritizing God in all pursuits. She highlighted KIU's dedication to nurturing spiritual development alongside academic achievement.

"As the leading Private University in Uganda, KIU prides itself on providing a holistic education that nurtures both the mind and the soul," she said.

Following Ainebyona's inspiring words, Asiati Mbabazi, the University Secretary, took the stage to provide students with insight into the organizational structure and operations of the institution.

She emphasized the value of teamwork and personal initiative, she encouraged students to not only excel academically but also engage in meaningful research and innovation.

"Research is paramount," Mbabazi declared, urging students to utilize the university's extensive library resources and explore KIU's Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CoEEI) which serves as Kampala International University’s Innovation Gateway into the Society and the Industry.

"Observe the KIU core values, quality, integrity, and professionalism, you will surely make it," she added.

The Dean of Students Affairs, Ms. Shakiro Iluku Joyce urged the students to always reconsider the sacrifices and efforts of their parents as they strive to support them at University.

"I request you not to indulge yourselves in dangerous activities, your parents expect a lot from you. So whenever you're going to do something that you feel is not good, think about your parents," she noted.