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The KIU Western Campus Hosts Successful Inaugural Inter-Faculty Debate


On the 13th February 2020, the KIU Western Campus kicked off its first inaugural Inter-Faculty debate under the theme, ‘’The future of Africa”. The aim of the three-day event was to promote critical, diverse and analytical thinking through debate and public speaking. The debate attracted 42 participants from the KIU community.        

Being the first of its kind, the debate took weeks to organize and most of the faculties participated. The faculties that took part include the School of Engineering, the Faculty of Nursing, the School of Allied Health, the School of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry, the School of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Education.

The opening ceremony was set off on a Thursday afternoon. The opening contest featured a tightly contested debate between four groups: the Administration, the Guild Union, Timeless Mission Debate Union and the Alumni.

The participants seemed a bit nervous at the start of the debate but they were able to recover and debate to the best of their abilities. By the time the event climaxed on Thursday, one would think that every debater was a seasoned professional based on their critical thinking, analysis and confidence.

Arinda Tracy, a Biomedical student achieved the Best Public Speaker Award and Diana Lotud from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences achieved the Best Debate Speaker Award.

The best debate team was Team Buffalo, which comprised of Alfred Omony and Rhania Kirabo. Moving forward, all the winners will get the chance to represent Kampala International University at the East African University Debate Competition.