Academic Programmes

Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies

About the Programme

The programme is largely a theoretical programme with some practical experiences to be achieved through research and scholarly writing skills. The programme duration is two academic years consisting of four semesters. The programme shall be conducted by course work and examinations. The last two weeks of both semesters of the academic year shall be used for end of semester examinations. The courses shall be conducted on credit unit basis. Students taking Plan A are required to defend their proposal in accordance with the University rules.

Candidates pursuing Masters Degree by coursework and dissertation/ project report shall be required to defend their dissertations/project reports before a panel of experts appointed by the university.

  • By the end of Year One each, student taking Plan A shall be required to submit a research proposal to the research committee, which shall scrutinise and subject it to a hearing.
  • Each student will come up with a well written dissertation/ report during their last year of study which will be examined by at least six experts in and outside the school.
  • Plan Bis by coursework and project. This option is for students who are already middle executives in government, NGOs and other institutions but donot need rigorous research skills leading to atraditional academic masters degree dissertation.They instead require depeer analysis of aspects of international relations theory, knowledge and critical issues in international system and how to deal with such issues. The option is purely for capacity building.