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DHDR Hold Orientation for New Postgraduate Students


Earlier today, September 15th, 2023, the Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research (DHDR) hosted an orientation meeting for the new Ph.D., Masters, and Postgraduate Diploma students for the August Intake of 2023. This event took place in the University Library and was conducted both online and Physical.

Prof. Israel O. Oborah, the Director of Higher Degrees and Research at KIU explained that the primary aim of the orientation was to familiarize the new Postgraduate students with the academic and research processes at KIU. The agenda included informative sessions on various academic aspects, such as teaching methodologies, class attendance, Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs), special exams, and important academic dates. Additionally, financial clearance procedures, DHDR activities, and guidance on utilizing library and e-learning resources were covered.

Prof. Israel O. Oborah emphasized that the orientation aimed to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary for a smooth academic journey at KIU and timely graduation.

Dr. Victor Olubusayo, from the School of Digital, Distance, and E-Learning, expressed optimism about the future of e-learning. He emphasized that learning is not restricted to traditional settings like offices or classrooms and can occur through various channels at any time.

“Online learning is particularly valuable for individuals facing challenges such as geographical constraints or work-related commitments,” Dr. Olubusayo highlighted.

He also shared steps on how students can access and use the KIU e-Learning platform

  1. Register with the ICT department
  2. Activate your username and password
  3. Register on LMS. – (Register yourself)
  4. Use this URL to get yourself to the platform
  5. Click on all courses - Main Campus
  6. Locate your college/school-program
  7. Locate your year. -Semester 1:1
  8. Locate your course
  9. Assign yourself to a course.

The meeting was attended by among others, Dr.A.Goparaju, Deputy Director of Quality Assurance, Mr. Gerald Muzaare, the Head of the Department of Political and Administrative Studies.