Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Economics and Applied Statistics

Mission and Vision

To be recognized and referenced as the foremost institution of higher learning in East Africa for those seeking studies in economics, statistics and other related fields.

The Bachelor of Economics and statistics program is committed to students’ intellectual development by fostering an understanding and appreciation of economic forms of explanation and their relationships to other social sciences. The program also gives students critical insight into the use of statistics as a tool for economic analysis and understanding. Economics faculty members are dedicated to sound and effective pedagogy, to scholarship of the highest quality and to outreach to the local and business community. The department provides an intellectual foundation for the appreciation and understanding of economic theory and policy. This foundation is developed within a broader educational perspective that stresses the importance of imaginative thinking, free inquiry and the pursuit of life-long learning. In this way, the program prepares students with the economic literacy necessary to cope with the challenges inherent in a world of accelerating change.