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General News: Israel Leads COVID-19 Vaccination Race.


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Israel is leading the race of vaccinating her citizens with 12% of Israelites immunized so far. According to international news media, China has had many of her citizens immunized than any other country worldwide but misses the top position statistically due to her large population.

With a rate of 11.55 immunization doses per 100 people, Israel has the highest rate in the world followed by Bahrain at 3.4 and the UK at 1.47, according to a global tracking website affiliated to Oxford University.

About two million people have so far died of COVID-19 worldwide and the vaccine is the only hope of stemming this trend.

For example, election campaigns in Uganda have been stopped by the Electoral Commission in hotspot districts so that the ever-increasing infection rate can be reduced in a series of moves that have made Uganda one of the best effective countries in handling the pandemic.

Picture credit: The Times of Israel