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"Teachers" Emerge Defending Champions of KIU The Inter-Faculty Games

Yesterday, the College of Education and Distance Learning were announced as the winners of the inter-faculty games.

Once again, they took the "bull by it's horns." The "teachers," as they are respectfully called by other students, gathered a maximum of 96 points from the games they played in the tournament.

 According to Esther Nandawula, the team captain, yesterday's victory did not come on a silver platter.

''It was fought for and what mattered most is that we had the confidence that we were going for the best and we had to do our best,'' said Nandawula.

The Guild President, H.E. Ariiho Moses, attributed the college's success to their hard work, resilience, confidence, and self-discipline.

"They simply knew what they wanted," he said.

The College of Humanities clinched the first runners-up place after gathering points in every game which gave them an advantage over the computer wizards of the School of Computing and Information Technology.

The overall consensus from the organizers and participants is that the 2020 inter-faculty edition was the most competitive tournament in the history of the campus games.

The overall winners of the interfaculty games were given a trophy and a bull by the Guild Union under the patronage of the KIU Administration.