Academic Programmes

PhD Management Science in Information Systems

About the Programme

In her mission of “exploring the heights” by responding to the educational needs of students for the global market, Kampala International University (KIU) introduces Doctor of Philosophy programmes. There are two types of PhD programmes, viz:

  • PhD by Coursework and Research (Taught PhD programme)
    KIU is currently  running “taught PhD”, where students take one semester of coursework on Management Theories, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Advanced Research Methods, Advanced Statistics and Computer Applications in Research; one semester of coursework in one of the following areas: Business Management; Educational Management; Management Information Systems; and Public Management; and four semesters of fieldwork for data collection and analysis, dissertation writing and oral defense.

  • PhD by Research only
    KIU is proposing to introduce PhD by research only, where students will undertake three years’ full-time research in any one of the programmes she is currently offering at the Bachelors and at the Masters Degree levels. To qualify for admission into this PhD programme the applicant must have studied the subject of interest both at the Bachelors and at the Masters Degree levels. 
The number of applicants to admit for any PhD programme will strictly be based on the availability of qualified staff to supervise the researcher