Academic Programmes

PhD in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

About the Programme

The PhD programme in Conflict Resolution and Peace-building is designed for graduates in humanities and social sciences and other working professionals, interested in issues of conflict resolution and peace-building. Consistent with NCHE benchmarks (April 2015), the proposed programme, like other PhD programmes in the university, will be offered through two alternative pathways: by ‘coursework and research (as described in the present curriculum) and by ‘research only‘ wherein students will be required to do all cross-cutting courses but only the dissertation will be formally assessed for the award of the degree. 

Target Groups
The PhD Conflict resolution and Peace-building programme is designed for the following potential students:

  • Practicing and prospective scholars in conflict and peace studies with a minimum qualification of a Masters’ degree.
  • Practicing and prospective graduate teachers and university academic staff.
  • Unqualified and untrained persons who are involved in conflict and Peace studies and meet the minimum qualifications.
  • Professionals who wish to carry out research in conflict and Peace studies.

Programme Duration
The PhD programme in Conflict Resolution and Peace-building shall last a minimum of six semesters or three academic years and a maximum of 14 semesters or seven academic years.