Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

About the Programme

The Department of Economics and Statistics of Kampala International University recognizes the fact that students, regardless of their background in education, are supposed to have analytic approach both to normal life and academic atmosphere in order to have strong decision making ability. It is therefore the duty of this School to provide the students with the basic as well as advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of statistical principles in various analytical methods, and expose them to better awareness of the various factors that influence (or have influenced) modern approaches to descriptive and inferential statistics.

The Bachelors degree of Statistics has been conceived in the light of the above. It is designed in response to the current demands for strong first degrees in terms of academic and professional content so as to enable the graduates to compete competently in the ever-thinning world market. The programme aims at producing professional Statisticians who are specialized and competent decision makers rich in content and professional knowledge. It takes into account the fact that recent global developments put heavy demands on the qualifications and continue to form a growing need for highly qualified people (Statisticians) to serve in their subject areas of specialization.


The Department of Economics and Statistics is consciously aware that to be able to serve and indeed survive effectively in the rapidly changing competitive environment, the academic programmes offered must be designed and developed with the clear aim of meeting high academic and professional standards of the qualifications and products of the University.

Kampala International University, like  any other institution of higher learning, must live up to this challenge by offering well articulated courses that will provoke the graduates to explore the heights in search for solutions to the many problems currently embedded in our education sector and the society as a whole.