Academic Programmes

PhD in Laws

About the Programme

The Ph.D. by research aims at building a mass of well-grounded researchers and scholars with intellectual and research skills, and competencies to address national, regional, and global contemporary challenges. The programme shall be undertaken for a minimum period of three years and a maximum of 6 years. In the first year of the programme, participants will undertake cross-cutting and programme-specific courses alongside the development of their research proposals.

The cross-cutting courses will be conducted on a modular basis and on a semester system as per the KIU program implementation guidelines. Each course unit will be delivered by instructive lectures, with the major part devoted to practical sessions/labs, tutorials, and problem-based seminars.

The research process will be categorized under four research project phases:

  1. Research Project 1-for concept and proposal development
  2. Research Project 2- development of tools and proposal approval
  3. Research Project 3- data collection and analysis
  4. Research Project 4 for the final research thesis submission and examination (Each phase of the research process shall carry six credit units (6 CUs).

The cross-cutting courses are a requirement (core) for all Ph.D. students. The other courses will be electives selected in line with the discipline of study. A student shall in addition to other academic requirements be required to make oral presentations and also submit progress reports to proceed normally.

Ph.D in Law namely in the following research tracks:

  1. Commercial Law
  2. Public International Law
  3. Criminal Law and Criminology
  4. Natural Resource Law