Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance and Accounting)

About the Programme

Business administration as a course, has been given due attention in organisations and companies because over 70% of them are concerned with their expenditures and incomes. It is evident that most organisations, companies, government and non government transactions can either excel or flop in their operations due to the way their transactions are conducted.

The scenario above came about as a result of the stereotype given to the business control processes that involve accounting, finance and banking. Some companies and organisations only engaged book keepers without fussing much about their academic credentials to deal with financial issues.

However, of recent accounting and financed have been acknowledged  major means of achieving accountability and value for money in organisations as it also engages in contracting of services, auditing, control and other critical components.

Programme Justification

The rapid growth of businesses and increasing transformations in the global economy has led to the increasing demand for accounting and finance specialists who can help companies and organizations strategize their accounting and control processes and thereby enable them function effectively. Today accounting and finance is no longer considered an after-thought function but “key to corporate efficiency� and effective governance. The program addresses this world wide growing demand for graduates with managerial capability in accounting, finance and banking.