Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management

About the Programme

The Bachelor tourism and hotel management program is committed to providing an enabling environment for our students to thrive academically and professional by ensuring that we have the right lecturers with the right skills, professional pedigree and experience to impart knowledge. The department works closely with some of the biggest hotels, tourists organisations and other companies in the hospitality industry in Uganda to provide our students with the opportunity to learn from industry experts.

Tourism and hospitality are two of the most productive sectors in Uganda and we are committed to exposing our students to the opportunities, as well as the challenges faced in this sector. By addressing these challenges, we expose our students to even better opportunities, which will position them for a career in this highly competitive industry. 

Majority of students go on to lucrative careers in the leisure and hospitality industry in Uganda and rest of East Africa and others proceed for further studies in order to pursue a career in academic or research.