Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health (Direct)

About the Programme

The 4 ½ years degree program has been designed to recognize that its graduates will have an advanced training in basic and biomedical sciences, clinical medicine and community health in order to provide health care that will integrate curative and preventive health care thus comprising of both theoretical and practical aspects. The Bachelor of Clinical Medicine shall extend over a period of at least 186 weeks divided into 4 ½ academic years of each for regular students with total of 253 CUs. There will be compulsory community health attachment during third year of the academic study for all students which will cover 8 weeks for community diagnosis and 4 weeks of Health Service Management. The entire program will entail 53 course units. The basic course units (Multi-Professional Programme) shall be offered in year 1 semester 1 (1.1) and the core units shall be offered from second Year second semester to fourth year, (2.2 -4.2). Details of the course units are shown in the program structure below.