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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

About the Programme

Biochemistry refers to the study the chemistry of living organisms, at cellular and sub cellular levels.  It is a rapidly growing field, in both knowledge and techniques, exemplified by the elucidation of whole genomes of multiple organisms. This has opened avenues for better understanding of the molecular aspects of life and has resulted in the development of novel therapies, customized medicine, revolutionary industrial products and new developments in agriculture. Biochemical techniques are widely applied to research and applied in other fields of biological sciences and medicine. Core subjects include cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, metabolism and protein science, with an emphasis on understanding normal cellular processes and how derangements in these processes bring about disease states.

Studying the structures and functions of biomolecules- the energetics, interactions, regulation and downstream signaling of biochemical pathways – and comparing pathways from different species and organisms, provides an understanding and appreciation of how living systems operate, survive and die.

The course is offered as a full time programmeme