Academic Programmes

Masters of Laws General

About the Programme

The Master of Laws (LL.M) Programme at the School of Law provides students with a broader understanding of comparative and International legal issues—something that is increasingly necessary in today’s globalized law practice. The LL.M programme provides a solid foundation in the basics of legal education as well as the opportunity to explore the broadest possible range of theories and perspectives to prepare for leadership and success in the legal profession. 

While the curriculum is strong across the board, special attention is paid to areas in which there is likely to be a growing demand for lawyers over the coming decades: business and finance law, natural resources law, international and comparative law, constitutional and public law, and the law relating to innovations in communication, information, culture, science, and medicine. 

The LL.M Program offers a series of specialized and non-specialized degrees in comparative and international law designed to give both legal professionals expertise and academic excellence. The specialized LL.M degrees are as follows:

  1. LL.M in Criminal Law and Criminology
  2. LL.M in Public International Law
  3. LL.M in International Economics and Trade Law
  4. LL.M in Commercial Law
  5. LL.M in Banking and Financial Services
  6. LL.M in Natural Resources
  7. LL.M in Intellectual Property Law 
  8. LL.M General