Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business)

About the Programme

Businesses in the 21st century are experiencing profound challenges, which include the need to seek new market opportunities, develop new products that meet the changing demands of customers globally. The continued growth of international business and economic interdependence among nations make international management skills mandatory. Moreover, today the lines between international and domestic operations are gone and continue to blur. Many companies look for ideas, workers, materials, and customers everywhere. Accordingly, “the scope of every business and every manager is the world”. The program addresses this world wide growing demand for graduates with managerial capability in transactional business and economics.

 The School of Business and Management of Kampala International University recognizes the fact that the world rotates on Business Skills.  It is therefore the duty of the School to provide relevant subjects to students who are interested in the Business Courses so as to advance them with theoretical and practical knowledge of their respective specialization as far as businesses are concerned.

 The Bachelor of International Business Administration is designed in response to the demands for strong and competent Global Business Managers on the world market.  It takes into account the fact that global developments put emphasis on competence and skills in management.