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Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

About the Programme


The Human resource management process is dynamic with its tentacles affecting negatively and positively the social, economic, cultural and political aspects of communities. The process is spearheaded by government policy frameworks alongside the private sector. The process in some cases is responsible for disasters, forced migration and displacements, resource based conflicts among others. In the global village today Human resource management practitioners need to understand how nations are governed and relate to each other but also understand the forces governing thereof. The international community through multilateral organizations and national organizations are contributing to development processes world over.  Understanding how such organizations are manned should be pertinent to practitioners. Public management, natural resource management and community empowerment are all components that practitioners need to appreciate for sustainability purposes. 


 The School of Postgraduate Studies and Research has therefore designed a course on Masters Programme to provide students with the necessary multiple skills and competencies to fit. The programme is hinged on philosophical and theoretical analysis of the Human resource management process and practical knowledge acquisition in response to the current skills’ demand. At the end of the course the graduates of human resource management studies will have acquired the competences necessary to address the multiple dimensions of the human resource management process.


The School of Postgraduate Studies and Research is consciously aware of the ever changing demands of the contemporary world and is therefore offering academic programmes that meet such demands.


The School of Postgraduate Studies and Research further recognizes the central role of Human resource management practitioners in public and private sector management.  This has therefore guided course designs to train students in proper management of both sectors. One of the major principles of today’s management is accountability and proper / strategic human resources management all of which are addressed during the study period.