Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (Direct Entry)

About the Programme

The Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (Direct Entry) program is both practical and theoretical. It is a day program of 8 semesters to be completed in a period of 4 years, with two recess semesters and each year comprises two semesters. The recess terms are purely designed to equip students with clinical skills in health facilities and have no classroom teaching.

The program has both basic and core course units as reflected in the course unit tables below and has clinical and community placement rotations. The program has a research project following the research course units.

Progressive assessment is 40% and final examination is 60% of the course mark. A candidate should pass a progressive assessment before attempting the final examination. The Final Course Pass Mark is 50%. After completion, the grandaunt is subjected to a one-year mandatory internship by the National Internship Committee.