Academic Programmes

Master of Arts in English

About the Programme

The MA English degree programme is intended to equip English language professionals such as lexicographers, translators, interpreters, language teachers, language planners and linguists.

The course of study will cover two academic years (ie, four semesters). In the first year, students will receive instruction in three core and two elective courses per semester, making a total of ten courses over the year. All these courses will be examined by coursework and examinations.

In year two, semester one, students will embark on proposal writing. The proposal will be subjected to an academic hearing before a panel of a minimum of five academic experts (i.e, doctors, professors and senior lecturers). Each student will then, during the second semester, develop their proposals into a full thesis which will be examined by at least two experts (one internal and one external). This will be followed by an oral examination (ie, viva voce) that shall be attended by a minimum of five competent panelists (ie doctors, professors and senior lectures).